Food Menu

Appetizers or with beer:

120g Pickled ermine with dried tomatoes, toasts

89 Kč

150g Tartar beefsteak, 5 pcs of grilled bread 

159 Kč

3 pcs Potato pancakes "Stinky" (beer cheese) 

109 Kč

150g Gothai salami with onion and vinegar

69 Kč


According to the daily menu                                      39Kč

Something sweet:

Apple strudel with whipped cream                             49 Kč


Balkan salad                                                              119 Kč

Caesar salad with chicken meat                              149Kč

Main course:

150g Beef goulash wih onion, dumplings

149 Kč

160g Tortila with chicken meat mix and sour cream

149 Kč

150g KUNG-PAO chicken, rice 

169 Kč

200g Pork steak with blue cheese, baked potatoes

189 Kč

300g Plate of chicken schnitzels, pickles, lemon, bread 

199 Kč

1pc Baked pork knuckle, cabbage salad, garlic dep, bread

249 Kč

200g Grilled chicken breast with Caprese salad

189 Kč

200g RUMPSTEAK with fried onion (Wiener style), potato pancakes

249 Kč

500g Grilled pork ribs, horse radish, mustard, bread

229 Kč

180g TAGLIATELLE with fresh wegetables, sprinkled with parmesan

149 Kč

120g Fried cheese, French fries, tartar sauce

169 Kč

150g Filet of salmon with parmesan crust, baked potatoes

229 Kč

Food to order 48 hours in advance (duck, goose, ham, pork knuckle)